My love for photography began in 2014 when I was still using my smartphone, but the quality of the camera on it helped me to identify new ideas to taking pictures. It was then perpetuated further by watching my then boss, Chris and another friend Craig do amazing things with the camera. This love for photography was spotted by my elder sister  and she got me a camera in the January of 2017. Ever since, its been an exploration into the rich world of photography.

A small sample of the pictures I have taken are posted here. For more pictures you can check my instagram profile, where you will find both landscape and portrait pictures. 

A blossomed flower in one of the parks of Barcelona

A view of the city of Heidelberg from the Castle at dusk.
An approach towards one of the important government buildings in Munich.
Sunsets in Paris
St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on a fairly cloudy day
Heidelberg Castle. The reddish castle with the red rooftops of the old houses has a historic feel to it.